Meet Dr. Traci

"Medicine should be about finding health rather than disease. My goal is to change the way you see health so that together we can create a different story."
What is Osteopathy?The Story of Craniofacial Growth & Development

A Pennsylvania native, Dr. Traci Zimmerman Jones holds a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology from Grove City College. She attended Lake Erie College of Osteopathy, receiving the Dean’s Award, and earning the degree Doctor of Osteopathy. Dr. Jones completed her internship and family medicine residency at National Capital Consortium – Dewitt Army Community Hospital. She has completed ALF Educational Institute ALF courses levels 1 and 2.

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Dr. Traci’s own life experiences have led her to become passionate about connecting the dots between modern life, our faces and health. Now she is able to apply her knowledge and expertise to help others create health in their own lives. Find out how you can partner with Dr. Traci to connect your dots and find the highest possible level of health for you.