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Welcome to the Patient Center! Finding the right patient resource should be easy. With that in mind, the Patient Center was born. Below you will find the resources you and your family need while beginning – or continuing – your journey to optimal health.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are Dr. Traci's fees?

Please note the following fee for in person, telehealth, and phone appointments:

New Patient Appointments Follow Ups (for returning patients)
Infants less than 12 months $225 Infants (less than 12 months) $125
Patient ages 1-12 years $275 Children (1-17 years) $195
Patient ages 13 years and up $695 Adults (18+ years) $325
Does Dr. Traci accept my insurance?

No, Dr. Traci does not participate in health insurance programs and the care she provides is considered “out of network.” As a board-certified family physician, she will provide you with an insurance invoice to submit to your insurance carrier as proof of coverage for FSA/HSA benefits or for possible reimbursement by your insurance plan. Every insurance plan is different. If you have questions about your insurance benefits, contact your carrier’s member services department. The ICD-10 diagnosis codes for osteopathic somatic dysfunction are M99.00-M99.09 and CPT codes for osteopathic treatment are 98925-98929.

Will Dr. Traci be my primary doctor?
No, Dr. Traci cannot be your primary care doctor. She believes primary care is best delivered with a team approach and she does not have support staff required to provide urgent care or emergency services. However, Dr. Traci will happily work with your primary care doctor to ensure you get the care you are seeking.

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